Handmade ART on CLIPPER® Lighters, by Oscars Moreno

Since 1996, PowerFlames define an artistic product resulting from the combination of classic CLIPPER® lighters and the delicate technique of illustration on them by the Spanish designer "Oscars Moreno".

From a young age he has been training the technique of drawing on this small and curved surface, testing different materials to perfect and achieve amazing results.

Among the most outstanding works are the portraits of some famous people such as: Norman Reedus (Daryl of The Walking Dead), Bob Marley, Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, Kat Von D, etc.

In 2016 he began his participation as a guest artist by CLIPPER® Italia, at the "HOME FESTIVAL" event, where he performed this technique live in front of hundreds of people. In this festival, he delivered some pieces made by hand to artists such as "The Prodigy", "Editors" and "Salmo". Currently, he continues to work pieces by hand in greater detail each time using techniques of "pointillism" and shadow effects.

Oscars Moreno

Creative Artist, Illustrator & Designer

Illustrator from an early age, creative and designer. Currently, it offers services of Corporate Identity, advertising and web design. In addition to having a website where he offers his illustrations related to his interests and preferences within the world of music, cinema, etc.

International Clipper® Artist